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Metal Invest team

Products and services

Metal Invest plans and performs all sorts of steel construction (halls, pipelines, antennas etc.), all kinds of land operations (excavation, transport, earth bank, compressing), construction of pipelines and different sorts of specific tasks performed in extreme mountain conditions.


Metal Invest owns state-of-art equipment which includes: cranes with capacity from 3 to 50 tones, construction mechanization, transportation platforms for all kinds of equipment and machines with capacity up to 35 tones, generators, compressors and vehicles with special features for performing tasks on hills and mountains.


side1For three decades Metal Invest follows and implements the world trends for safety and quality commitment.


side2The wide assortment of services that we offer makes us your unique partner for the activities in which the grandness plays the crucial role.


side3Metal Invest owns equipment which can handle specific tasks on places marked as extremely-hard places for work.

Metal Invest - Kavadarci

Company for projection, production and assemblage of steel constructions and machines
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